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A 20th Century Renaissance Story
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All sketches by Che Hondo Shepherd.  To purchase please click on any picture.

"I do believe that Mr. Wilson's teaching and living in Massies Mill, Virginia has had a great impact and influence on the community and people of all ages"

Crawford W. Oakcrum (former student of Wilson)

"They (The Musical Arts Choir) gave a stellar performance."

Ian McNeil, The Sydney Post Record, Sydney, nova Scotia, Canada

"He had a motivating force and was a strict disciplinarian.  The Musical Arts Choir had a great influence on Nelson County.  The way to any man's heart is through music and that is what we gave them."

Virginia Smith (former student of Wilson)

"Singing for the love of singing gives their concerts a special quality which is not easy to describe"

Martha von Brisson,The News Advance, Lynchburg, Virginia

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